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Suunto Dive Manager

Fairly key to the stuff I’ve done with JAlbum is to integrate the information from my Dive Logbook. OK, it may be a bit umm… retentive of me, but I save myself a fair bit of rekeying dive sites, etc.
I’ve got a Suunto Vyper, and religiously transfer the data into the suunto Dive Manager software on my PC. I haven’t got the USB interface (so I don’t know how good that is), but it must be said that the serial interface is … well … slow, clunky and frustrating.

I may – at a later stage – try integrating the profile information (as opposed to the “dive level” information), so I can automatically publish the depth I was at when the photo was shot. To do this, the dive computer and camera clocks need to be synchronised, so I’ve been doing this. But that’s for the future.
Most of my profiles prior to September 2004 were lost in the Great Hard Disk Crash of that year.
Anyway, these pages (when they turn up) cover SDM related stuff – why I’m still using v1.6 and why I don’t like v2; getting the data out; loading it into MySQL etc.

You can see what I’m going on about at the Suunto website, or at the sister site at Suunto Sports

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