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Flickr.com web presence

Well, I’ve got a lot more time to take photos of topside wildlife now – especially as I’m handily placed for Sutton Park and the new RSPB reserve at Middleton Lakes. Unfortunately, however, I’m not doing as much diving as I used to, so this site may become a bit less active. As there’s quite […]

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Keyword classes Pt. 3 – Using the keywords

The third article talks about how my website has evolved through different generations of technology, and shows different ways that I’ve used Keyword Classes to automate and optimise the image pages on my website

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Keyword Classes Pt.2 – Setting them up

Practical stuff about setting up Keyword Classes … and a few rules, constraints and considerations

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Keyword Classes Pt.1 – Background

What are the main benefits of creating these classes, and why did I get to this solution

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