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External Storage

So … you’re going away for a week and you’re going to be doing a lot of diving.

How do you store your daily shoot ? (because you don’t want to lose the week’s images if you flood on day 6).

There are a number of options, and there are new products all the time.

With the Olympus, I used a stand-alone CD burner. Mine was an EZ-DigiMagic.
This was ideal, as CDs hold 650mb and I use 512mb cards in the Oly. Just slotting in the memory card and a blank CD, then pressing the “copy” button. There is a DVD version available now, but it was a bit pricey …

However, with the Fuji, I’m using a 1gb card, so that won’t all fit on a CD. So I’m now taking a Notebook PC away with me. £400 from Aldi. A Tablet PC would be another option, when they get more reasonable. The two criteria here are size and weight – a detachable battery unit helps – so it can fly in carry-on with my cameras.
And I’ve loaded LightRoom on it, so I can check out converted images.
With a DVD burner built in, I can backup my originals before the flight.

One alternative would be a dedicated storage / display device. The Jobo devices will display most RAW formats, and Epson are also in this marketplace. These can cost as much as a laptop, however.

Lot’s of people use media players, and some of these have screens built in (although these are mostly for JPGs, rather than RAW). I’ve heard good reports about the Archos.
Make sure the one you pick can read your memory card format.

Or you can try and find a cybercafe and burn your images there …

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