Underwater photography by Andy Kirkland

Great Barrier Reef, March 2006

… Over in Oz to see Marcus and Kylie get married.

Started off with a couple of days in Singapore. I really like this city. We did the night safari at the zoo, and took the cable car to Sentosa Island

Then to Tassie …

..little Devil
… a little Devil
… Koala
… ‘Roos
… more Roos
… another ‘Roo
… no point exerting yourself
..little Devil
… and another little Devil

Stopped off at the GBR on the way back.
Unfortunately … Tropical Cyclone Larry hit that part of the coast as we were supposed to fly in, so we ended up trying to get a place in Melbourne in as the Commonwealth Games were on …

Excellent liveaboard (“SpoilSport”) with Mike Ball.
This was the 4-night cruise, with a flight back from Lizard Island over the Coral Sea. Well, OK, it got a bit choppy at times, but we did pick the rainy season.
I was using mostly rental gear (because of airline weight constraints). Don’t expect too many tanks with DIN fittings here. I did most of my diving in a vest, with a couple in my 3mm wetsuit.

SpoilSport SpoilSport
Coral Sea Coral Sea
Flight back

Then we finally go to stay a few days at the wonderful Peninsula Hotel in Port Douglas. Highly recommended – super accomodation, and really friendly people.

Dayboat diving with Poseidon. I’m sure they were good, but this was really geared for brand-new divers and snorkellers – max depth 18m, 40 min dive time, 3 dives – a bit of a let-down after the liveaboard.
And – as it was Stinger season, we had to wear the silly suits (didn’t see any jellies).

Booked through Trailfinders, although the Tas accommodation and the liveaboard were booked independently.

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