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Minor site revamp …

I’ve reworked the site a bit.
This started off (as usual) after an upgrade (to WordPress 2.6) … after which some things didn’t work too well … so I had to upgrade plugins as well.
I actually ended up writing one of my own – which I’ll get around to releasing soon (hopefully) – to manage the sidebar links.
While I was at it, I switched just about all of the sidebar to the WP “widgets”.
Most of the standard ones don’t offer a lot of flexibility, but there are some new ones out there. After the database changes in v2.3, things are starting to stabilise now.
So I’m now using :

Thanks to all of the developers – particularly Srini G for Flexi-Pages, which I’ve used to learn much more about widget “anatomy”.

Moving on to other stuff …

  • I’ve also switched off a constraint on the number of items appearing in a category list – only the last 9 were showing (this was only an issue on a couple of categories).
  • Hopefully, images shouldn’t be overlapping in Internet Explorer now as well. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  • I’m also going through of “tagging” my old posts. Hopefully, that’ll make it easier to get to where you want to be ….

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