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I’ve been looking at ways to put a “magnifying glass” on thumbnails in my ‘blog posts.
For now, at least, I’ll be using the WordPress Lightbox plugin by Lokesh Dhakar. This isn’t exactly what I was looking for (it slows things down a bit) but it is very cool and from my perspective (the only one that matters here :D) it’s really easy to install and really easy to apply to posts.
So now, if you click on a thumbnail in a ‘blog page, you’ll be given the full-size image. (There’s a “Close” button is at the bottom of the image to take you back to the page)
You’ll need Javascript enabled in your browser for this to work.

While I’m on the subject, one of the other places I checked out was Stu Nicholls’ CSSPlay site, which includes example of magnification using (surprisingly) CSS. Although I didn’t use it this time – there’s either too much hand-crafting or too much coding involved for a ‘blog of this scale – I’d like to recognise his help in making me think about how pages can work.

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