Underwater photography by Andy Kirkland

What I’ve been up to …

Well, I’ve not done a lot of diving over the last 18 months. And I’ve been quite busy elsewhere, so this site’s got a bit cobwebby.

The main reason is that I’m doing a (topside) professional Photography qualification (an HNC) at Sandwell College. This has been real fun, but has taken a lot of commitment, money and mental bandwidth.

I need to get back to Dahab in a couple of months, though … I may get to some more exotic locations if the works starts to turn up.

One thing that’s probably worth mentioning is my new blog at critical-focus.net. This is where I’m starting to deal with assorted photography / internet topics. So there’ll be a bunch of “How To” articles on blogging and photography website tools, as well as the rather dull, routine admin processes (and – hopefully – how to make them less dull and routine).

Early days, as yet, but I’ve been souping up this website with some of the things I’ve picked up over the last few months.

I also hope to be launching a website for my professional work. It’s kinda working now, but I need to make it slicker – and that’s oing to wait until after my end-of-course show in June.

I’ve got some more interesting stuff in the pipeline, but that’s got to wait for another day …

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