Underwater photography by Andy Kirkland

Copyright, Image Use and Prints

This site isn’t intended as a way to sell my photos, and that’s not an area I’m really focussing on :-).

On the one hand, I’d like to give my dive buddies a record of our dives together.
On the other hand, I don’t want people ripping off my pictures.

The web files aren’t optimised for printing – for those who don’t have broadband, and to preserve my bandwidth limits.
Some of the images (particularly where I’ve “cropped”) may be constrained about how big a print can be derived.
In all cases, if you email me from the relevant page, then I’ll know which image you’re talking about.

So ..

  • – If you’ve dived with me, and would like a copy of a picture, then email me and I’ll try and make a high-resolution printable version available. I don’t make money out of these.
  • – If you’re a not-for-profit organisation, and would like to use an image, then email me. This is common courtesy. I’ll probably licence use of the image to you for a credit, some nice feedback and (if you print it) a copy for my Mum 🙂
  • – If you’re a commercial operation, or a print publication, then please email me, so we can agree specifics (free diving would be nice !)
  • – Please don’t “hotlink” to the images outside the context of the site without permission. I regard this as theft of my bandwidth.



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