Underwater photography by Andy Kirkland

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  • If you’ve dived with me, then you may find your image on the site.
    This will have been included with best intentions (often to provide you with a souvenir).
    If you’d prefer that it be removed, let me know
  • I won’t identify individuals by their full names
  • Please let me know of any corrections / mis-sppellllnigs


  • I’ve done my best to correctly identify fish species, but I’m not a marine biologist,
    so I’ve probably got some wrong.
  • I’ve normally used the Fishbase “common name” where this is available.
    These names may vary from one area to another, so I apologise if what I told you
    was a “Common Lionfish” turns out as a “Devil Firefish”.
  • I’ll probably disregard Emails claiming to be from “Nemo”, unless they are
    especially entertaining.
    My understanding is that fish currently have very limited rights
    under UK Data Protection legislation. Although this is probably still exceeds their rights under UK/EU Fisheries Protection legislation.
  • Again, please let me know of any more additional details or errata

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