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Photobox photobook

Not really a rant as such.

I’ve just got my prints of my Dahab trip back.

I usually get these from PhotoBox, but this time I got some printed up in one of their PhotoBooks (… they had an £5 off deal running).

I’m really impressed with the quality, even though it’s not especially cheap (but – Hey! this is vanity publishing after all !).

It means the best shots are all in one place, and I’ve got a souvenir of the trip, and also helps me work on my “editing skills”.

What I mean by this is that I typically seem to take about 200 publishable photos in a “Red Sea week”.
I’ll normally print the best in 10″x8″ format (cheap batches start at 20) and the rest as 7″x5″. Obviously, when these cost pennies, I’ve not needed to think which were worth printing.

Now I can fill up to 70 pages … but the medium has different demands.

  • I need to make sure that only really good images get in; I don’t want any that will devalue the whole.
  • Heavily cropped images may share a page
  • Pick only the best shot of each subject. (Actually, I’ll break this rule for really good stuff, but split the shots up, so it’s not too repetitive)
  • Remember that you can easily get one shot reprinted. It’s a lot more expensive to reprint a whole bookful of images, so take your time and do it properly.

The only tricky bit seemed to be that I had to load in IE rather than Firefox, but that might be down to a Flash update needed..

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