Underwater photography by Andy Kirkland

The Moldavia

It was only after I’d said “Book me in” that I was told about the 4:45am start … it was still dark! We started jumping in about 3 hours later.

This is the second time I’d dived the Moldavia, and both times the viz has been wonderful. Paul – the skipper of Voyager – was spot on the mark, of course.

I was buddied up with John and Guy (with air and a Nitrox deco mix), and we headed towards the bow. The big problem is always going to be the light on a wreck like this, so I ramped up the ISO and opened the aperture. I still ended up with a few shaky shots, so there’s a technique to be worked on.

As we steamed back, the sun burned off the clouds, and – as we were back for midday – there was time for cider, ice cream and a snooze on the beach before I headed back (working the next day). Everyone else got to do it all again the next day …

Anyway, here are the photos (as usual, click on the thumbs for a larger image) …

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