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Well, the first bit of re-engineering my albums into php is working now (in fact, it’s now into its second generation), and two albums have been uploaded to “live” status.

As I’ve said before, this probably wouldn’t have been possible without WOS, as I can develop the pages locally. From my point of view, this should mean that I can change all the pages with one file, rather than uploading a couple of thousand individual pages.

In turn, this ought to mean that – at some stage – I can adapt the site to handle (for example) mobile devices. – again without needing to maintain each page.

You shouldn’t really notice any changes – unless you don’t have JavaScript switched on, in which case some of the buttons will disappear (you haven’t lost anything – they just used to break the site). If you’re in doubt, my Ethics page should explain my policy. I’ll be looking to work through the missing routines in future, but I’m afraid it won’t be top of my list (especially as scripts seem to be enabled in the latest version of IE).

This isn’t the end of this development by any means, and the scripts I’ve got running are still a bit clunky, so I’ll be looking to do something a bit more 1) elegant and b) powerful over the next few months.

The one constraint at present is that the script only handles one level of directory (so albums with subdirectories – as in the Gallery, or the UK collections – don’t work). That’s probably the next short-term goal …

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