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Microsoft strikes again …

OK, I should have checked when I upgraded Internet Explorer to IE 7 back in December, but I use Firefox unless I really have to.

So it was only when I opened up my new php-based album in IE that I realised that there’s a bug. Yup, it’s a bug. Not a problem in IE6, but a whole new thing for people to work around.

The net effect for me is that the name of the dive site – shown in the top bar – doesn’t display.

There’s a bit more documentation at this site .

I’d drafted this post before I started work on the php albums. Then I found (or remembered) that there’s another bug. This time, it’s with the “base href” tag in the HTML header.

It works in FireFox. It works in Safari. It works in IE – until you try to use it in Javascript, when it’s ignored. Nothing new on this one. It’s just another of those PITA bugs that’ll probably never be fixed because so many people have coded around it already.

These two instances sum up the problem – no old bugs can get fixed, and new ones will always be introduced. There are people who love all this stuff, but they’re probably selling their time rather than wasting their own.

I’m told that the new IE will have “standards compliance” mode which can be specified to the browser. Experience suggests that this’ll just be another stream of bugs to be coded around.

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