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My php albums are now (kinda) working

Well, I’ve almost finished the first generation of my php-based photo albums.
Not all of the albums have been converted, but for those that are, I’ve managed to do some stuff for anyone who doesn’t have Javascript switched on.

With the old software, the image, dive and help tip buttons just hung. The first php version hid them. Sorry about all that.
Now, they’ll work. Not as well as with JS switched on – it’s a bit clunky, and not as pretty – but at least the page won’t just sit there looking stupid.
So if you don’t enable JS now:
– You won’t see the email button for the time being
– I’m probably not going to reinvent the slideshow until much later (if ever).
– You won’t get the “Jump-to” functionality on the index pages

The “meta” tags should also be working properly now. That’s probably only relevant for some of the search engines

The nice thing (from my point of view) was that I was able to update functionality for all of the converted albums by changing updating just 8 config files (and my new script versions, of course) – not each of the thousands of image file “container” pages.

I’ll probably still do one more version – to handle multiple-level indexes – but I feel like I’m almost there now.

The next generation of these tools will start to use databases to dynamically generate pages, but that’s probably some way away …

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